Massan X Chrome

Check out this short video production from Chrome Films with Massan cruising through Portland.

Chrome Films: Massan Barrage Cargo from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

"The council voted unanimously in favor of  authorizing the $550K contract for implementation of roughly 50+ miles of on-street bikeways, due to be completed by summer 2014. The capital funds for this were already approved in September. The November 15th council vote merely authorizes the city to proceed with a contractor to do the work on the ground.”

Around San Francisco by Bret Couchman

Around San Francisco by Bret Couchman

(Source: probike, via ilovebicycles)



53 Miles Per Burrito T-Shirt (black) | zero per gallon

…..but I like cookies better.  Still

Awesome shirt

A few pictures from today’s ride in Liberty State Park. Happy Veterans Day.

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